About Us


Chilli was established in 2015 and is a fully independent, entrepreneurial and dynamic company backed by a team of dedicated and talented individuals.

Brands under its portfolio, includes Lee Tai Fu and Cafe 4 You.

Chilli’s corporate philosophy is “Dare to be creative and innovative” and we strive our very best to bring new concepts and ideas to all food-lovers.

Our business strategy rests on three core pillars, namely Integrity, Consistency and Efficiency (ICE).

We achieve these through relentless investment on latest technologies while instilling a sense of belonging for all personnel of Chilli, management and employees alike.

Chilli also values all business partners, we see effective leveraging of each other’s strength and unlocking each other’s potential to ensure a long-term sustainable growth together with our partners as an important aspect of our business plan.

2019 will be an exciting year for Chilli as we continue to explore new F&B opportunities and expand our portfolio.